Calculation of the Magnetic Field Homogeneity in the Induction coil for the Magnetic Field Immunity Test

자기장 내성평가용 유도코일의 자기장 균일도 계산

  • Published : 1994.12.01


the magnetic field homogeneities of the induction coils of various sizes and shapes were investigated in order to prepare for the magnetic field immunity test under the power frequency, the pulse and the damed oscillatory fields recommended by the IEC. For this purpose, we analyzed the magnetic field homogeneities in the two induction coils with $1m\times1m$, and $1m\times2.6m$, , and the double square coils with 0.8m and 0.6m spaced. The testing volume within $\pm$3dB in the double square coil with 0.8m spaced in twice bigger than single square coil with 1m side in the z-direction.