Characteristics of Multipath Delay Spread in Domestic Cellular Environment

국내 이동전파환경에서의다중경로에 의한 지연확산특성

  • Published : 1994.12.01


An important parameter in characterizing mobile communication channel is delay spread. This paper presents the results of measured delay profiles and calculated distribution funcations of delay spread for typical cellular service environments at Taejon and vicinities. The measurement system uses 1023 chip length, 5 Mbps PN code and sliding correlation method. It has been evaluated by using commercial hardware channel simulator for reliability of out data. As results the value of mean delay spread is 2.08 $\mu\textrm{s}$for suburban area. 2.12 $\mu\textrm{s}$ for urban area and 1.3 $\mu\textrm{s}$ for national/local road. Delay spread is less then 3.4$\mu\textrm{s}$, 2.8$\mu\textrm{s}$ and 1.5 $\mu\textrm{s}$ for probability of 50% and 4.5$\mu\textrm{s}$, 4.2$\mu\textrm{s}$ and 2.9$\mu\textrm{s}$ for probability of 90% at each tested site. The difference of delay spread is within 7% between going and returning status along same street. In this experiment, we found delay spread for suburban area is larger than reported foreign test results.