Analysis of the Radiation Patterns for a Millimeter Wave Corrugated Horn Antenna by Vector Integral Method and Quasi-Optics

벡터 적분법과 준 광학모드에 의한 밀리미터파용 컬러게이트 혼 안테나의 복사패턴 해석

  • Published : 1994.06.01


Theoretical radiation patterns for the corrugated horn antenna are analyzed by vector integral method and quasi-optics. The formular of the radiated fields for the corrugated horn antenna can be obtained by the potentials derived the equivalent current sources from hybrid fields at horn aperture and also calculated by the expanded mode set of Gaussian - Laguerre based on the quasi - optics. From comparison of the radiation patterns between two methods for a corrugated horn antenna designed on 85-115 GHz frequency range, the results are coincided well at center frequency but have some errors at each side frequencies 85 and 115 GHz.