Computerized Golf Course Design Techniques Considering Environmental Impacts

환경영향을 고려한 골프코스 전산설계기법

  • 주영규 (연세대학교 생물자원공학과) ;
  • 전수복 (코리아 랜팩엔지니어링(주))
  • Published : 1994.12.01


Much attention has been paid recently to environmental destruction by golf course constructions in Koera. An efficiency and up-to-date technology on the planning and design practices has been requested to minimize the environmental impacts. Computerized systems for golf course design in the point of physical conservation of environment were discussed here. Geograpic Information System were applied on the process of geograpical data input and analysis through the final outputs, Simulation works by the total database management make enable to pre-investigate of the design in view of an assessment of environment impacts. It is also possible to evaluate plans easily and propose the alternatives properly. Precise quantity caculation of en-gineering works by computer system should be guarantee scientific, economic, and environme-ntally sound golf course design.