The Effect of Stimulus-Response Compatibility on Hangul Transcription Typing Behavior

한글타자 행동에서 자극-반응 합치도 효과

  • Published : 1994.06.01


The presnt study investigated the effect of stimulus-response compatibility (S-R compatibility) on Hangul transcription typing. In this experiment, two condition were manipulated, the first was a low S-R compatibility condition in which consonants were typed with left hand and vowels with right hand; the second was a high S-R compatibility condition in which hands for consonants and vowels were reversed. Subjects were requested to type the letter presented on the screen as accurately and immediately as possible. It was found that the compatibility interacted with the vowel shape. That is, in the high S-R compatibility condition, the response time was shorter when letters of vertically- shaped vowel were typed than when those of horizontally-shaped vowel were typed. In the low S-R compatibility codition, however, the response time was shorter for letters of horizontally-shaped vowel than for those of vertically-shaped vowel.