Flight of Matsucoccus thrubergianae Males and Their Response to the Synthetic Sex Pheromone (Homoptera: Coccoidea ; Margarodidae)

솔껍질깍지벌레 수컷 성충의 비행습성 및 합성페로몬에 대한 반응

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  • K. Mori
  • 박승찬 ;
  • 위안진 ;
  • Published : 1994.12.01


Flight behavior of Mntsucoccus thunbergianae males and their response to the synthetic sex pheromone, (6R.lOR)-matsuone, were studied in Pinus thunbergiana forests More males were flying around the tree crown than near the ground. A dispenser loaded w~th 50 vg of the pheromone appeared to affect the density of male flights less than 10 meters Sticky traps with 50 pg of the pheromone attracted flylng males, but those with 1 pg were not effectwe in a forest wlth high crown closure, more males were tmpped at upper crown level than near the ground whereas males appeared to be more responsive to pheromone near the ground in a forest with low crown closure Monitoring new scale iniestations with pheromone mps was much more effective than egg sac surveys, the customary detecting procedures Maiing disruption was not achieved by placing 32 mg of pheromone m a space of l X l X l meter.


Matsucoccus thunbergianae;sex pheromone;matsuone;(2E,4E,6R,10R)-4,6,10,12- tetramethyl-2,4-tridecadien-7-one;flight behavior;trapping;mating distruption