Response-Improved Electrochromic Display Device Based on Organic Materials

고응답성 유기계 전기변색성 소자의 제작과 특성

  • Published : 1994.04.01


Irradiation of aromatic diazonium salts resulted in an effcient elimination of nitrogen, yielding substitution products. This paper was not only studies about photolysis of aromatic diazonium with double salts but also coexistence of ion and radical when they was photolysis. Photolysis of aromatic diazonium was depend on excite wave length therefore photolysis products out put different absorption intensity such other. We also confirmed coexistence of ion and radical when they was accomplished photolysis. In case of BD, there are ion decomposition process about 90 percentage, decreased ion decomposition process the other side radical`s it was becomeing increased according to excite of short-wave length.