Taxonomic Study on Oribatid Mites (Acari: Oribatei) Collected from Landscape Plants

몇가지 조경식물에서 채집한 날개응애류

  • 최성식 (원광대학교 농과대학) ;
  • 조명래 (원광대학교 농과대학) ;
  • 곽용호 (농촌진흥청 원예시험장 원예환경과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


This study is canled for tanonomical investigation of Olibatid mites on landscape plan& As the results, thirteen species of Oribatid mites on the plants are described for the first time from Korea. but the harmfulness caused by the mites is not yet proved The mites are Tuberemoeus singularis Sellnick, Zygoribatulo elongoto Hammer. Scahperemaeus yamashitoi Aoki, Oribatula sakamori Aoki, Camis~a segnis (Hemann), Scheloribates Jatipes (Koch), Oppiella nova (Oudemans), Lauroppia neerlondica (Oudemans), Hemileius sp.. Oripodo sp., Twncopes sp.. and Tectocehpeus sp. etc. Among them, Tuberemaeus singularis and Zygoribotulo elongatn are recorded from Korea for the first time And three lalvae are found out at intestine of one specimen of Tuberemoeus singularrs Sellnick which is collected on Cryptomerio japonica D, in Chep (Seoguipo). Therefore, thls mite seems to be ovoviviparous.


Taxonomy;Acari;Oribatei;landscape plant;Korea