A Study on the Biology of Nesodiprion japonicus($M_{ARLATT}$)

솔잎벌의 생능에 관한 연구

  • 이찬용 (강원대학교 임과대학 삼림자원보호학과) ;
  • 김인래 (경원대학교 대학원 임학과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


This study was carried out to investigate the ecology of Nesodiprion japonlcus (Mmm,m) damaging many conifers The results obtained were as follows: Nesod~prion japonicus (Maun) emerged two times for a year and their body was black m both sexes. A female (10.1t 1 2 mm) adult was larger than a male (9.9t 0.8 mm) one in the body size. The size of antenna as plumose of female was different from that of male. Life span of adults was 3 or 4 days, those emergence rate was 92% and sex ratio of female to male was 6: 4. Adults 1a1d only an egg in the leaf and the region of the leaf aviposited turned brown. Duration of egg was 14.35 1 2 days, egg was In the shape of banana and red~sh-yellow,a nd its sire was 2.4+ 0.2 mm long. Duration of larvae was 30.35 2.1 days and its slze 20.15 2.2 mm, body was green with grey~sh shipes on the dorsal and lateral aspect, the tip of front and hind was yellow and head was brown with a dark-p~gmented area. Mature larva turned into light green and get lost a dark-pigmented area of head. The firstly-emerged larva made cocoons on the base of leaves and the secondawemerged larva among fallen leaves Duration of prepupa was 14.3f 2.0 days and their size 10.15 2.3 mm Duration of pupa was 12.2+ 1.3 days and its size 10.lt0.2mm.


Biology;life cycle;morphology;Nesodiprion japonicus ($M_{ARLATT}$)