Consumer Intention to Purchase Domestic/Foreign Brand Jeans;Beliefs, Attitude, and Individual Characteristics.

국내 및 외국 상표 청바지의 구매의도에 따른 평가기준에 대한 신념과 추구이미지 및 의복태도의 차이연구

  • Published : 1994.05.01


The purpose of this study was to identify factors that might distinguish those who have a high level of Intention to purchase each of domestic, foreign designer and national brand jeans from those who have a low intention in terms of evaluative criteria belief, ideal jeans image and clothing altitude. The sample consisted of 198 male and 197 female students from five universities in Seoul. The questionnnaire consisted of 50 seven-point semantic differential scales dealing with evaluative criteria and ideal jeans image, beliefs about and intention to purchase domestic, foreign designer and foreign national brand jeans and 25 Likert type clothing attitude scales. Based on a series of t-tests the results showed that color and design were the most influencing factor among the evaluative criteria belief, regardless of brand type, while durability, accessory, sewing were the least. Sexy image, brand consciousnees and fashion interest were the important factor that distinguish high intention to purchase group fro)m low intention to purchase group.