Viscous Frictional Drag Reduction by Diffusion of Injecting Micro-Bubbles

미소 기포 분포의 난류 확산에 의한 점성 마찰력 저감

  • Published : 1994.06.01


This paper presents a new concept to reduce turbulent frictional drag by injecting micro-bubble into near the buffer layer of turbulent boundary layer on flat plate. The concentrations of micro bubble distribution in the boundary was calculater by eddy viscosity equations in the governing equations. When near region of the buffer layer of turbulent boundary layer is filled with micro-bulle of air and viscous of the region is kept low, the velocity profile in the near region should be changed substantially. Then the Reynolds stress in the region becomes less, which guide to lower velocity gradient there. It results in reduction of velocity gradient at the viscous sublayer, which gives the reduction of shear stress at the wall.