A Frequency Characteristics of the Underwater using moving Coil Type Driver Unit

可動 코일형 Driver Unit 를 이용한 水中擴聲器의 周波數 特性

  • Published : 1994.03.01


An underwater speaker was made of a moving coil driver unite of usual speaker, acryl-boards, polyester resin, rubber and castor oil and it's frequency characteristics was measured in range of 250~600Hz in air water tank and sea. The results of measurements are follows: 1. Transmitting and receiving frequency of measurement frequency were similar in air, water tank and sea. 2. The input and output wave forms of a manufactured speaker which is not water-proof in air were similar to each other in 300~450Hz, but other frequencies showed distorted wave forms. 3. The input and output wave forms of an underwater speaker in water thank and sea were similar to each other in 250~600Hz. But output wave forms showed combination waves with very low frequency. 4. Transmitting and receiving frequency wave forms and resisting pressure of an underwater speaker at 80m in the depth of water were in good condition. Therefore it can be possible to use it as an underwater speaker.