The Feeding Preference of Cigarette Beetle, Lasioderma serricorne F., on Cured Tobacco Leaves.

궐련벌레의 원료 잎담배 식이 선호성에 관한 연구

  • 오명희 (한국인삼연초연구원 수원시험장)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


Feeding preference of cigarette beetle, Lasioderma sewicorne F., on cured tobacco leaves was investigated to obtain basic information on ecological management of the insect pest in tobacco storage warehouses. About 3, 000-4, 000 adults of the insect were released in a warehouse in which groud tobacco leaves were placed on the bottom and at 3m above the floor level, and numbers of insects attracted were examined. There was no significant difference on feeding preference between the two tobacco varieties, flue-cured(NC82) and air-cured(Br3l) tobacco leaves. However, significant differences were noted in feeding preference between thick and thin leaves and among different quality grades within a tobacco variety. Feeding preferences of cigarette beetle between flue- and air- cured tobacco varieties showed significant differences on the lower position, though there were no differences on the 3m upper position. On the 3m upper position, feeding preferences were different between thick and thin leaves of tobacco varieties, and variety X thickness and variety X thickness equality grades showed statistically significant differences. Significantly higher feeding preference by cigarette beetle adults was observed for the food placed on the 3m upper than on the lower position. There were negative correlations between quality grades of cured tobacco leaves and feeding preference on the lower position, and the regression equation was Y(feeding preference)=4.050-0.683 X (degree).