Prediction of Oxygen Transfer Rate During Sisomicin Fermentation Employing Air Lift Fermentor

Air Lift Fermentor에서 Sisomicin 발효시에 발효유사액을 이용한 산소전달속도 예측

  • 김성룡 (연세대학교 공과대학 식품생물공학과 및 생물산업소재연구센터) ;
  • 신철수 (연세대학교 공과대학 식품생물공학과 및 생물산업소재연구센터)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


In order to predict gas hold-up and oxygen transfer rate during sisomicin fermentation employing air lift fermentor, simulated media similar to fermentation broths in rheological proper- ties were prepared and used. Rheological properties of fermentation broths from 40 hours and 60 hours of cultivation were analyzed by applying to Power's Law equation. Regardless of addition and no addition of MgSO$_{4}$, the tendencies, that n value was decreased and K value was increased as aeration rate was increased, were shown. Simulated media of twelve different fermentation broths were formulated in a range of 0.7 to 2.1% CMC, and the values of gas hold-up and k$_{L}$a depending on superficial air velocity were measured using these simulated media. And the relation- ships, $\varepsilon$=$\alpha$U$_{Gr}$$\beta$, K$_{L}$a=$\gamma$U$_{Gr}$$\delta$ were obtained, and these equations are thought to be used to predict the values of gas hold-up and k$_{L}$a during fermentation.


Sisomicin;fermentation;air lift fermentor;oxygen transfer rate


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