A Study on The Wear Process and Wear Mechanism of the Alumina Ceramics with Different Alumina Purity

순도를 달리한 알루미나 세라믹스의 마멸과정 및 이의 기구에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1994.12.01


The present study was undertaken to investigate the dry wear process and wear mechanism of the alumina ceramics in the purity variation which are used for the mechanical seal, roll, liner and dies. The wear test was carried out under different experimental condition using the wear testing device and in which the annular surface rubbed on dry sliding condition various sliding speed, contact pressure and sliding distance. In case of alumina purity 95%, there was speed range which wear loss increased rapidly owing to enlargement of heat impact force and temperature rise of wear surface. According as the alumina purity increased, wear loss decreased but alumina purity 85% with much void and defect had the most wear loss than any other alumina purity. The friction coefficient of sliding initial stage of wear curves has a large value but according to increase of sliding distance, it decreased owing to drop of the shear strength of wear surfaces.