Study on the Second Moment Turbulence Model in a Square Sectioned $180^{\circ}$ Bend

정사각단면을 갖는 $180^{\circ}$ 곡관내의 2차 모멘트 난류모형에 관한 연구


In the present study, in order to analyze a turbulent flow in a square sectiond 180.deg. bend, Kim's low Reynolds number second moment turbulence closure is adopted. In this model, turbulence model constants in the wall region are modified as functions of turbulent Reynolds number by use of near wall turbulent universal properties based on Laufer's experimental results of Reynolds stress distriburions. Algebraic stress model and Reynolds stress equation model are used to verify the low Reynolds number second moment closure. The application of the present low Reynolds number algebraic stress model to the prediction of a square sectioned 180.deg. bend flow gives improved velocities and Reynolds stresses profiles compared with those obtained by using the van Driest mixing length model and present low Reynolds number Reynolds stress equation model.