Design and Implementation of GIS Based Automatic Terrain Analysis System for Field Operation

  • Published : 1994.06.01


A GIS based tactical terrain analysis system named ATTAS(Army Tactical Terrain Analysis Software) has been designed and implemented to support the field commanders for enhancing the capabiliy of their unit and efficiency of weapon system. This system is designed to provide computer graphics environment in which the analyst can interactively operate the entire analyzing process such as selecting the area of interest, performing analysis functions, simulating required battlefield operation and display the results. This system can be divided into three major sections; the terrain analysis modules, utilites, and graphic editor. The terrain analysis module inclused surface analysis, line of sight analysis, enemy disposition, 3D display, radar coverage, logistic route analysis, shortest path analysis, atmospheric phenomena prediction, automated IPB (Inteligence preparation of Battlefield), and other applied analysis. A combination of 2D and 3D computer graphics techniques using the X-window system with OSF/Motif in UNIX workstation was adopted as the user interface. The integration technique of remotely sensed images and GIS data such as precision registration, overlay, and on-line editing was developed and implemented. An efficient image and GIS data management technique was also developed and implemented using Oracle Database Management System.



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