A Study of Commercial Menu on Korean Style Restaurant

한식식당의 판매 식단 실태에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1994.03.01


This research was conducted to survey kinds and frequencies of side dishes served in commercial Korean style restaurant in some part of Korea. The results were summerized as follows: 1. The average number of side dishes in Tang(Korean soup) was 3.3 that is Bae-chu Kimchi. Si-Kum-chi namul, Moeng-ran jeot and O-jing-o jeot in ordering frequencies. 2. In Chigae(stew) and Pi-bim bab(mixed rice including Sot bab) the average number of side dishes was about 4 Jungol and that of Jim was from 3 to 5 and the kinds of side dishes were variety of menu items. 3. Meons (noodles) were served with 1 or 2 kinds of side dishes those based of Bae-chu Kimchi and added 1 Kind of side dish. 4. Han-jeong-sik (Korean style full course meny) was served with 16 kinds of side dishes averge it was consisted of Bab(steamed rice) side dishes such as U-gu-zi guk(vegetable soup) Deun-jang chigae (fermented soy stew) Hong-o jim (fish stew) Go-sa-ri namul Pulgogi Ho-bak jeon, Beon-sut bokum Yuk hoi Bae-chu kimchi Mung-ran jeot Sae-u tuikim and Gam-ja tuikim in ordering frequences.