An Intergrated GIS data model of Vector data and Raster data based on Quadtree for Spatial data processing

공간자료의 처리를 위한 사분트리에 기반한 래스터자료와 벡터자료의 통합 GIS모델

  • Published : 1994.06.30


Raster data mode and Vector data are the two major model in geographic information systems. These two data models are difficult to be intergrated because of their differences in structures and properties. Almost all of the current GIS systems process in one data model by converting one data type to another type. So. the loss and change of information caused by data conversiion degrades the accuracy of data. In this paper, we propose a new data model which can process two data models without conversion. We use quadtree for raster data and topological vector model for vector data. The output is formed as raster data model of quadtree. We can get more accurate overay output, and this intergrated model is more suitable for data like forest, landuses, soils that consist of classes which have small distribution changes.