Fungicidal Activity of 3-(X-Sub. phenyl)-1-(2-furyl)propenone Derivatives

3-(치환(X)-phenyl)-1-(2-furyl)propenone 유도체의 항균활성

  • Published : 1994.08.31


New 3-phenyl-1-(2-furyl)propenones, 1 and 3-phenyl-1-(2-furyl)-3-thiophenyl-propanone, 2 derivatives were synthesized, and their fungicidal activities in vitro against Botrytis cineria (BC), Valsa ceratosperma (VC), Scelerotium cepivorum (SC) and Phytophthora capsici (PC) were investigated using a generalized structure-activity relationship (SAR). The activity of 1 was superior to those of 2, and nonsubstituent, 1a and chloro group substituent, 1d of E (Syn) conformer were the most effective $(EC_{50}=10{\sim}12\;ppm)$ compound to BC. Antifungal activities were able to predict to depend essentially on the ${\beta}$ carbon and their positive charge from the results that the good correlation $(r^2=0.90)$ was observed between hydrolysis rate constant (logk) of 1 and the electronic parameter $({\sigma})$ of X-substituent on the ${\beta}-phenyl$ ring.