Changes of Properties in Cinnamon Extracts Prepared by Enzyme Hydrolysis and Addition of Salts, Sugars and Antioxidant Synergists

효소분해와 염과 당 및 항산화 작용 상승제의 첨가에 의한 계피 추출액의 특성 변화

  • Kim, Na-Mi (Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute) ;
  • Do, Jae-Ho (Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute) ;
  • Lee, Jong-Soo (Department of Genetic Engineering, Paichai University) ;
  • Kim, Woo-Jung (Department of Food Science and Technology, King Sejong University)
  • Published : 1994.08.31


The dried cinnamon was extracted with enzymes, salts, sugars and additives in order to find the most effective extraction material. Enzymatic hydrolysis of cinnamon suspension with cellulase, hemicellulase, pectinase, ${\beta}-1.4-glucosidase$, tannase and lipase showed a little increase of their cinnamic aldehyde contents. Solid yield, antioxidant activity and degree of browning were increased in hemicellulase treatment. Acid and alkali extraction of cinnamon showed a some increase in solid yields and antioxidant activity was increased by addition of glucose and Na-ascorbate. Cinnamic aldehyde contents and degree of browning were increased in extraction with Na-citrate addition.