Changes in pH, Acidity, Organic Acid and Sugar Content of Dough for Jeungpyun During Fermentation

발효과정 중 증편 반죽의 pH, 산도, 유기산 및 당함량의 변화

  • Published : 1994.12.30


Physicochemical Properties of dough for Jeungpyun(Korean steamed rice cake) were analyzed during fermentation in the ranges of 0 to 10 hours. As fermentation time went by, pH of Jeungpyun dough was decreased while its titratable acidity and lactic acid content were increased continuously. Total sugar content was decreased continuously during fermentation. Reducing sugar content was increased greatly at the early stage of fermentation, reaching maximum value, 101 mg/g-dry matter at 4 hours, but it was decreased thereafter.