Study on Native Local Foods in Andong Region

안동(安東)지역의 향토음식에 관한 고찰

  • Published : 1994.03.30


Northern Kyungbuk around Andong is a mountainous and more or less dry region geomorphogically. Since this area located in the valley was less invaded by foreign countries, the folk traditions have been maintained for a long time. Also as the center of Confucian culture, this region respects ceremonies and so, the simple and noble ceremonial-foods such as Ddok, Hankwas, and Buchiki have been firmly preserved in many distinguished families. And besides Andong-Soju, many traditional liquors produced in different methods can be found in this region. As Gogi-Sikhae(a fermented beverage utilizing rice and fish) is still preserved in eastern coastal area, Sosikhae(Sikhae without fish) is maintained in this region and furthermore the unique Andong Sikhae developed by modifying Sosikhae is being consumed currently. Since it is difficult to get fish here geographically, the soybean foods were developed for protein intake, for example, various fermented soybean pastes, Andong-Songuksu(a hand-made noodle using raw soybean flour), and Siragiguk(a vegetable soup).