A Study on the Angular Dependence of the PB-3 Dosimeter Using Teledyne 9150 TLD Reader System

열형광선량계(도시메터타입 : PB-3)의 방향의존성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1994.12.30


An angular dependence experiment was made and a performance test of the Teledyne dosimetry system was done in accordance with the ANSI N13.11-1992. The angular dependence experiment was performed with $^{137}Cs$ and low energy X-ray beam. Teledyne dosimetry system performed well at the $0^{\circ}$ angle of incidence for all dosimeters in both vertical and horizontal irradiations. It would have easily passed the 0.5 tolerance limit. But the dosimetry system was not performed well at the ${\pm}60^{\circ}$ angle of incidence for low energy X-ray beam. The accuracy for $^{137}Cs$ beam at all angles of incidence was within the 0.5 tolerance limit. Therefore performance of the dosimetry system could be considered acceptable in case that the dosimeter is irradiated to $^{137}Cs$ beam. However, it could not be acceptable for the dosimeter irradiated to low energy X-ray, especially at more than ${\pm}40^{\circ}$