Monte Carlo Calculation of Thermal Neutron Flux Distribution for (n, v) Reaction in Calandria

몬테칼로 코드를 이용한 중수로 Calandria에서의 $(n,\;{\gamma})$ 반응유발 열중성자속분포 계산

  • Published : 1994.06.30


The MCNP 4.2 code was used to calculate the thermal neutron flux distributions for $(n,\;{\gamma})$reaction in mainshell, annular plate, and subshell of the calandria of a CANDU 6 plant during operation. The thermal neutron flux distributions in calandria mainshell, annular plate, and subshell were in the range of $10^{11}{\sim}10^{13}\;neutrons/cm^2-sec$ which is somewhat higher than the previous estimates calculated by DOT 4.2 code. As an application to shielding analysis, photon dose rates outside the side and bottom shields were calculated. The resulting dose rates at the reactor accessible areas were below design target, $6 {\mu}Sv/h$. The methodology used in this study to evaluate the thermal neutron flux distribution for $(n,\;{\gamma})reaction$ can be applied to radiation shielding analysis of CANDU 6 type plants.