Trans Korean Peninsula-Japanese Island Seismic Observation and Analysis; Seismic Observation of Broad Band and Wide Dynamic Range at Pohang STS Observatory, Korea

한반도-일본열도 사이의 광역지진관측 및 해석 ; 포항 STS지진관측소에서의 광대역, 고감도의 지진관측

  • Received : 1992.11.20
  • Published : 1993.02.28


In order to provide informations for the earth's deep interior and the earthquake mechanism, we have been operating the three components of Streckeisen Seismometers at Pohang Observatory, Korea, as a part of a long period seismic network (POSEIDON) in the northwestern Pacific now under construction. The recording system is specially designed to be able to obtain outputs of broad band and wide dynamic range; BRB (Broad Band), LP (Long Period), and VLP (Very Long Period) output. The triggered BRB and LP signals are digitized with the sampling intervals of 0.1 and 0.4 second, respectively. The lowpass filtered VLP output is digitized and recorded contineously with the sampling interval of 10 seconds. About 120 regional and teleseismic events have been successfully recorded for one and half year since late March, 1991. As a preliminary study, eight events of them are analyzed to determine Rayleigh wave dispersion curves in the period range of 20 to 300 seconds for the continental and oceanic paths. The curves are compared with the typical continental and oceanic ones to discuss the earth's deep interior.



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