Analysis of Pumping Test Data and The Prediction of Drawdown for Daejong-Chun Area

대종천유역 충적대수층의 수리성 분석 및 수위강하예측에 관한 연구

  • 최재진 (삼우 기술단 지하철 사업부) ;
  • 성원모 (한양대학교 공과대학 자원공학과) ;
  • 한정상 (한서 엔지니어링 주식회사)
  • Received : 1993.08.10
  • Published : 1993.08.31


The main goal of this paper is to determine hydraulic properties and to predict drawdown for the efficient and stable development of groundwater in the Daejong-Chun area, North of Kyungsang-Do. Based on geological survey and analysis of well logging data conducted in 1991, it is found that the type of aquifer of this area is considered to be an anisotropic unconfined aquifer with saturated thickness of 19.8 m. In order to characterize this aquifer pumping test was conducted, and the resulting drawdown data were utilized for the analysis by applying both type curve matching technique and semi-log straight line method. As a result, the average specific yield of this aquifer is estimated as 32.3%, and the average ratio of $K_H$ to $K_V$ is only 2.7, which means that gravitational effect is not significant factor for this type of aquifer. For the validation of the estimated hydraulic properties, the analytical model which was developed with Newton-Raphson iteration procedure in this study, was employed to generate the drawdown. And, the resulting drawdown was compared against actual drawdown data and it shows the excellent matches. The actual drawdown data for 9 hours of pumping were used for history matching purposes and relatively satisfactory matches were achieved in this match. Then, the model was run by using the tuned parameters that are obtained during history matching stage, and the drawdown was predicted for the next 30 years of pumping with $3,000m^3/day$ of constant pumping rate. Its result indicates that the drawdown was stabilized as 1.41 m from 20 days with $3,000m^3/day$ of constant pumping rate, which is the required amount of water to be safely supplied to this area.