The Types and Characteristics of Science Inquiry Problems: An Analysis Based Upon the Laudanian Philosophy of Science

과학 탐구 학습 문제의 유형 및 특성 분석 연구: 라우든(Laudan)의 과학 철학을 바탕으로

  • Published : 1993.12.30


Scientificc inquiry has been a major goal and a vehicle to teach science in schools since Curriculum Reform Era. Based upon the Laudanian philosophy of science, scientific inquiry problems were classified and their characteristics were identified. Science inquiry problems could be classified as empirical and conceptual problems. Empirical problems consist of unsolved, solved, and anomalous problems. Internal and external conceptual problems are included in conceptual problems. Effective teaching methods for solving empirical and conceptual science problems are discussed. The implications of Laudanian philosophy of science for science teaching were also discussed.