The Relationship between Students' Science Anxiety and Achivement

학생들의 과학교과 불안도와 학습성취도와의 관계

  • Published : 1993.12.30


In this study, the researcher analyzed relationship between stuents' science anxiety and achivement, and investigated the tendency of the science anxiety by students' variables. For the survey of this study. 5,304 stuents were sampled from the population of Korean secondary school. The researcher adopted R&D procedure for the development of SAMS(science anxiety measurement scale) and the SAT(science achivement test). The instrument SAMS consisted of 38-item scale. Cronbach a for SAMS was 0.92, concurrent validity was 0.66. SAT consist of 2O-item, the reliable coefficent of KR-20 was 0.70. The data were analyzed by using Pearson-Product coefficient and Regression analysis for the correlation between dependent and independent variable. The tendency of science anxiety were analyzed Multi-way analysis of variance, and all hypotheses were evaluated as the significant level of 0.001. Results of this study were summarized as follows : 1) The relationship between the science anxiety and the achivement showed negative correlation(r=-O.24) in all grades. 2) The relationship between the male and the female showed negative correlation (male;r=-Q.23. female=-O.22), but 11ths' humanities course and female of the science course didn't showed correlation. 3) The size of city where the school located showed negative correlation to the students anxiety(big city;-O27. medium;-O.24, small city;-O.22). 4) Tendency of students' science anxiety according to the variable of grades and sex variables was found to significant difference. The effects of interaction were found to significant difference between two variables of grade and sex. sex and local, local and grade. The effects among three variables were formed to significant difference grade, sex and local.