Quantitative assessment of effects of TOUCH & CALL - Effects of reaction method on choice reaction to monitor presented stimuli -

지적확인활동의 정량적 평가 -모니터 자극에 대한 선택반응시 반응방법에 따른 실수율 변화-

  • 장성록 ;
  • 목연수 ;
  • 이동훈 ;
  • 전경원
  • Published : 1993.09.01


Automation and mechanization of work make people put the machine into operation and watch the state of operations. In the process of those works, they are apt to have accidents caused by their carelessness. To reduce such accidents, we can practise TOUCH and CALL, which Is to Indicate and ascertain the dangerous parts at every process before performing works. The objectives of thls study are to show quantitatively the efficiency of TOUCH & CALL and to examine the effects of S-R compatibility. The results show that reaction time is longer(0.138-0.279sec.) in case of indicating with finge,s and shouting than that of responding only visually. On the other hand, the error rate decreases by 3.3 times-7times. From this, it is considered to verify quantitative estimation on multiple feedback of TOUCH & CALL.