A Study on the Mechanism and Countermeasure of Electrostatic Discharge in Insulating Oil by Streaming Electrification

유동대전에 의한 절연유중의 정전기 방전기구와 대책에 관한 연구

  • 박광현 ;
  • 임헌찬 ;
  • 김두식 ;
  • 황명환 ;
  • 육재호 ;
  • 이덕출
  • Published : 1993.06.01


In this paper, it is studied the electrostatic discharge In Insulating oil for the purpose of the technical control of the streaming electrification resulted from the interface between an insulating liquid and a solid. The streaming current increases exponentially with flow rate and In region of lower than 50[$^{\circ}C$]but decreases at higher than the same temperature. The phenomena of electrostatic discharge appear at an interface between measuring tank and insulating oil when the seven sheets of gauzes are inserted in electrification apparatus. And those of partial or surface discharge are shown when eight sheets are inserted.