Fundamental Study on the Production of TiFe Hydrogen Alloy by the Reduction-Diffusion Process

환원확산법에 의한 TiFe 수소 흡장합금의 제조에 관한 기초적 연구

  • 권호영 (충남전문대학 산업안전과) ;
  • 일본명 (일본 동경대학 금속공학과) ;
  • 일본명 (일본 동경대학 금속공학과)
  • Published : 1993.06.01


For comparison, we used Ca and Mg as reducers to produce TiFe hydrogen stroage alloy from Fe and TiO$_2$by the Reduction-Diffusion process. The results obtained were as follow. \circled1 Ca was found to be effective both for reduction and diffusion processes. Moreover, Ca oxide was easily removed in an NH$_4$Cl solution after the reaction. \circled2 In the case of using Ca as a reducer, the Reduction-Diffusion process is considered to take place in the foiling three steps. First, TiO$_2$is reduced to Ti by Ca over 100$0^{\circ}C$. Second, the atomic Ti drifts in the Ca melt and meets Fe particles. Finally, the atomic Ti diffuses in to the Fe particles. \circled3 In the case of using Mg as a reducer, We found that the reduction reaction of TiO$_2$went well. But the reduced Ti scarcely diffused into Fe particles. This was probably because no Mg melt was formed due to the high vapor pressure of Mg.