Seismic Behavior of A 2/5-Scale Steel Structure with Added Viscoelastic Dampers

점탄성 감쇠기를 설치한 2/5 축척 강구조물의 지진하중에 의한 거동연구

  • Published : 1993.03.01


This paper summarizes an experimental and analytical study on the application of viscoelastic dampers as energy dissipation devices in structural applications. Shaking table tests are carried out on the viscoelastically damped structure and the obtained structural responses are compared to those of the inelastic analysis results for the same test structure with no dampers added. It can be concluded the viscoelastic dampers are effective in reducing excessive vibrations of structures under strong earthquake ground motions. It is also observed that the increase in structure's stiffness by the addition of dampers can not contribute to improving the seismic response of a structure. In general. the reduction of the seismic response by adding the dampers to the structure is mostly resulted from the increased damping effect. It is found that the modal strain energy method can be used to reliably predict the equivalent structural damping. and the seismic response of a viscoelastically damped structure can be accurately estimated by conventional modal analysis techniques.