A Study on the Influece of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviors in the Weldment Plate with Various Thickness

변후 용접판재에서의 피로균열성장거동에 미치는 잔류응력의 영향에 관한 파괴역학적 연구

  • Published : 1993.03.01


The welding implementation used widely in the industrial field is gradually increasing due to weight reduction. unlimited material thickness. simplified structure design. and 1 manufacturing time and cost reduction. The most significant factor that influences the fatigue crack growth rate is the residual stress generated during the welding process. Many researchers have studied the effect of the residual stress on crack growth behavior. Through a fatigue test in a various-thickness welded specimen. redistributed residual stress is measured as the crack is developed. Then. by superposing the measured residual stress on the K value obtained by the finite element method.