Chemical Risk Assessment of Oxidizing Substances

산화성물질의 화학적 위험성 평가

  • 정국삼 (충북대학교 산업안전공학과)
  • Published : 1993.03.01


This paper was concerned with the risk assessment about oxidizing substances as dangerous goods by burning test method. The sample. which was formed with the heaped cone-shape. was composed of solid oxidant and sawdust. The burning time of each sample was measured under the following various conditions circumstance temperature. mixing ratio of oxidizing substance and sawdust. particle size of sawdust and kinds of sawdust. As a results. the effective combustibility was gained when the sawdust content was 20∼30 wt.% in the sample and the lauan with -30+50 mesh was used. But. although the circumstance temperature increased. burning efficiency of the samples wet$.$e not affect by it. Finally. the average burning times were obtained by considering the weighting factors related on the mixing ratio and the circumstance temperature. And then. it were compared with the combustion risk level and the effects of cation and anion of oxidizing substances as dangerous goods.