Marine Hydroids(Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Hydroida) from Cheju Island, Korea

제주도 해산 히드라충류(자포동물 문: 히드라충 강: 히드라충 목)

  • 박정희 (수원대학교 이과대학 생물학과)
  • Published : 1993.12.01


The marine hydroids of Cheju Island in this work identified into 46 species and/or subspecies of 25 genera in 10 families. Of which four species: Rhizocaulus chinensis, Obelia bicuspidata, Sertularia desmoides and Plumularia spinulosa are new to the hydroid fauna of Cheju Island and four species: Hebella parastica, Campanularia groenlandica, Campanularia everta and Sertulareffa natalensis are new to the Korean fauna. Adding these eight species to the previous known species (83 species and/or subspecies) in Cheju Island, the hydroid fauna in Cheju Island identified up to date consists of 91 species and/or subspecies of 41 genera in 12 families. Macrorhynchia phoenicea is dominant species which occur in 10 points, Aglaophenia suensonii in eight points. 71 species (78%) occur in Songsanp'o, 43 species (47%) in Munsom, 26 species (29%) in Supsom, 13 species (14%) in Wimi-ri and 11 species (12%) in P - omsom in order. Thirty-three percent (30 species) of the hydroids of Cheju Island was only found in Cheju Island.