A study on the development of long time exposure $SO_2$ sampler

장기 노출 $SO_2$ 간이 샘플러 개발에 관한 연구

  • 이동인 (부산수산대학교 대기과학과)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


The concentrations of $SO_2$ and $SO_3$ were measured to estimate a new developed long time exposure $SO_2$ sampler at Onsan industrial area considering the meteorological factors from June to October, 1992. The mean concentration of $SO_3$ by $PbO_2$ method was 0.924 mg $SO_3 / 10cm^2$ $PbO_2$/day and their high values were shown in the center of the industrial area, which show potential pollution due to the increase of industrial activities and micrometeorological factors in and around the sites. As a result of statistical correlation between $SO_2$ concentration by new sampling method and $SO_3$ concentration by $PbO_2$ method in July and August, 1992, correlation coefficients were high (r=0.87, 0.91) and shown more than 0.83 value in the high concentration data set, which was arbitrarily divided into 7~10${\mu}l$$SO_2$ concentration in an attempt to further investigate these relationships. Therefore, use of new developed long time exposure TEX>$SO_2$ sampler is good for TEX>$SO_2$ measurement and valuable for estimation of air quality in the urban and industrial area. Key Words : a new developed long time exposure TEX>$SO_2$ sampler, correlation coefficients, high, $SO_2$ measurement, estimation of air Quality.