The Characteristics of the Anomaly Level and Variability of the Monthly Precipitation in Kyeongnam, Korea

경남지방의 월강수량의 변동율과 Anomaly Level의 출현특성

  • 박종길 (인제대학교 자연과학대학 환경학과) ;
  • 이부용 (부산대학교 자연과학대학 대기과학과)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


This paper aims to know the characteristics of occurrence of the anomaly level and variability of the monthly precipitation in Kyeongnam, Korea. For this study, it was investigated 주e distribution of the annual and cont비y mean precipitation, the precipitation variability and its annual change, and the characteristics of occurrence of the anomaly level in Kyeongnam area the results were summarized as follows : 1) she mean of annual total precipitation averaged over Kyeongnam area is 1433.3mm. I'he spatial distribution of the annual total precipitation shows that in Kyeongnam area, the high rainfall area locates in the southwest area and south coast and the low rainfall area in an inland area. 2) Monthly mean precipitation in llyeongnam area was the highest in July(266.4mm) 각lowed by August(238.0mm), June(210.2mm) in descending order. In summer season, rainfall was concentrated and accounted for 49.9 percent of the annual total precipitation. Because convergence of the warm and humid southwest current which was influenced by Changma and typhoon took place well in this area. 3) The patterns of annual change of precipitaion variability can be divided into two types; One is a coast type and the other an inland type. The variability of precipitation generally appears low in spring and summer season and high in autumn and winter season. This is in accord with the large and small of precipitation. 4) The high frequency of anomaly level was N( Normal)-level and the next was LN( Low Informal) -level and 25(Extremely Subnormal)-level was not appeared in all stations. The occurrence frequency of N level was high in high rainfall area and distinguish성 in spring and summer season but the low rainfall area was not. hey Words : anomaly level, variability, precipitation, coast type, inland type.