A analysis of Thin-Straight Monopole antenna on a conducting box Using the Wire-Grid Method

Wire-Grid 방법을 이용한 도체 상자에 부착된 선형 모노폴 안테나 해석

  • Published : 1993.11.01


In this paper, a thin-straight monopole antenna attached to a conducting box is analyzed using a moment method with the pocklington integral expression for the exact Green's function. A modeling of a conducting box is based on a Wire-Grid method for an efficient calculation procedure. A system of linear equation is obtained using the piecewise sinusoidal basis function. And a Junction basis function is enforcing to represent the physical current on the edge of the conducting box. Especially, the junction basis functions are overlapped for the current continuity preserving on the vertexes. Numerical results are obtained for the current distribution on the unified antenna/conducting box system, input impedance and radiation pattern. The results are compared with the known data.