A Study on Hybrid Finite Element Method for Solving Electromagnetic Wave Scattering

전자파 산란문제를 해결하기 위한 혼합 유한요소법에 관한 연구

  • 박동희 (충주공업전문대학 전자통신과) ;
  • 강찬석 (충주공업전문대학 전자과) ;
  • 안정수 (충주공업전문대학 전자과)
  • Published : 1993.03.01


A Hybrid Finite Element Method(HFEM) is applied to solve the electrormagnetic scattering from multi-layered dielectric cylinders. An unbounde region is divided into local boundary regions where a practical differential equation solution is obtained, with the remaining unbounded region represented by a boundary integral equation. If sources, media inhomogeneities, and anisotropies are local, a surgace may be defined to enclose them. Therefore the integral region so defined is bounded, and differential techniques may be used there. Also, in the re- maining unbounded region a boundary integral equation may be formulated using only a simple free - space green's function. Therefore, The local boundary is represented by a boundary - value problem with boundary conditions and solved by the finite element method. The advantage of the proposed method is simple and efficient in the work of electromagnetic scattering. The validity of the results have been verified by comparing results of other method(boundary element method). Examples has been presented to calculate the scattered fields of lossy dielectric cylinders of arbitray cross section.