Natural Enemies of Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) and Their Seasonal Prevalence of Adult Emergence in Korea

밤나무혹벌의 천적종류와 발생소장

  • 김종국 (임업연구원 산림곤충과)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


This study was conducted to mvestigate the natural enemies of chestnut gall wasp, Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu and their seasonal prevalence of adult emergence. The natural enemies Identified were as follows: Torymus sinensis, Torymus geranii, Eutytoma Brunniventris, Eurytoma s Setlgera, Megastigmus nipponicus, Megastigmus maculipennis, Ormyrus flavrtrbwlis, Ormyrus punctiger, Eupelmus urozonus, Euplmus sp., Sycophila vanegata, and Diptem sp. Among these natural enemies of the chestnut gall wasp, Torymus sinensis, Eurytoma setigem, and Eupelmus sp. were newly recorded this time In Korea. The seasonal prevalence of parasItic wasps have been investigated in Kyonggi ProvInce. Torymus sinensis which seems to be the most dominant parasitoid emerged from withered galls formed in the previous year April to eary May. The four parasitoids such as Torymus geranii, Sycophila variegata, Eupelmus urozonus and Eupelmus sp. emerged from withered previous year galls in April to May and also from current year galls in June to August. The other parasitoids emerged from only current year galls in June to August.