A Study on the Fishing Method of the Midwater Trawl -On the meneuveravilities of the fishing boat under operation-

중층 트롤의 어법에 관한 연구

  • 김민석
  • Published : 1993.12.01


Due to depletion of fish resources as time goes on, the trawl fishing industries which have caught the demersal fish is confronting with financial difficulties. For the purpose of breaking these difficulties, trawlers are expanding the fishing targets to the midwater from bottom stock. The trawlers become to be able to detect the fish schools not only vertical but also horizontal direction by equipping the sonar system on board. Even though the operator locates the fish school by sonar, it is not easy to make a desirable catch of the fish school which is detected, for the reason of the maneuverring characteristics of trawler. For the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of a fish catch, the auther performed a series of on board experiments to investigate the maneuverablilites of midwater trawaler. The obtained results are summerized as follows: 1. The higher the RPM of main engine, the smaller the magnitude of turning circle. And it is smaller in the right than in the left turning 2. Towing speed varies irregularly under turning novenment. When the RPM of main engine being 560, 680 the angular velocities are 11.3deg/min, 22.5deg/min respectively. 3. The difference of new course distance between calculated by maneuverring indices and measured by experimental ship is high when altering course being large and towing speed low. 4. The faster the towing speed is, the shorter the new course distance becomes. When towing speed is same in right and left turning movement, the now course distance is shorter in case of right turning movement than in left. 5. It is considered to be convenient for a navigator to utilize the curves for altering course in order to steer the ship rapidly and accurately.