Combustion Analysis in a Pro-Combustion Chamber Diesel Engine by Approximate Heat Release Rate

근사적 열발생율에 의한 예연소실식 디젤기관의 연소해석

  • Published : 1993.03.01


In this study, the combustion characteristics in a pre-combustion chamber diesel engine was investigated with experimental conditions of marine engine load. The heat release analysis used was a single-zone single-chamber thermodynamic analysis based on pre-combustion chamber pressure-time data. Based on the results of this investigation, the following conclusions were reached: 1) Increasing the load, peak pressure was increased and position of P sub(max) was retarded in crank angle degrees. 2) Ignition delay time was almost constant without relating to the load and the heat values to form a combusitible mixture were decreased apparently with increasing the load. 3) In premixed-combustion mode, the pattern of heat release rate was resembled without relating to the load and premixed-combustion time was shortened with increasing the load. 4) Increasing the load, mass of premixed-burned fuel was increased slightly, but was invariable beyond a certain fuel-air ratio. 5) Increasing the load, premixed-burned fraction was decreased.