A Study on the Sliding Wear Characteristicsn of the Die Steel for the Cold Molding

냉간성형용 Die 강의 미끄럼 마멸특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1993.04.01


The present study was undertaken to investigate the dry wear characteristics of die steel STD 11 for cold molding. The wear test was experimentally carried out under different conditions using a wear device, which was made in laboratory, and in which annular surfaces of wear testing specimens wear rubbed in dry sliding condition with varying the sliding speed, contact pressure, and sliding distance. The wear loss by variation of sliding speed was much in 0.3 m/sec and less in higher speed range above its sliding speed according to formation of the boundary lubrication film. The critical sliding speed with maximum value of the specific wear rate switched over to lower speed side according. as contact pressure increased. The critical sliding distance was increased with decrease in oxidation reaction velocity. The depth below subsurface showing maximum hardness (Hv) came out at the position, $60 \mu m$, of the maximum shear stress due to strain hardening.