Availability of Alkaline ionic Water as a Cooking Water

알칼리성 이온수의 조리용수로서의 이용

  • Published : 1993.03.01


We have examined the utility of alkaline ionic water for processing water In order to compare with piped tap water in cooking rice, making kimchi, making bean curd, raising bean sprouts and parboiling spinach. And we have estimated the quality of them. The result of the examination was as follow. A rice cooked with alkaline ionic water had pale yellow color, and had good quality in polish, viscocity, taste, odour and retrogradation as compared with a rice cooked of piped tap water. In the case of a water kimchi, refreshing taste and other kinds of taste were good. Unpleasant taste and smell have decreased. Fresh colour of a Chinese cabbage were maintained long because of the prevention of destruction of chlorophyll. In the case of bean sprouts, sprouting rate was promoted up to 2∼3% during the period of 2∼3 days as compared with that treated with piped tap water And the growth state was good and the contents of vitamin C were high as compared with those with piped tap water. In the case of parboiling of green spinach, the alkaline ionic water helped keeping the chlorophyll of spinach. In the case of bean curd, soft taste, polish, smell and total taste were good. The Utility value of alkaline ionic water for the processing of soft bean curd was recognized by making it soften.