The Relationship Between the Permeation Rate and the Solubility Parameter for Polyethylene-n-Hexane-Benzene System in Pervaporation

폴리에틸렌-n-헥산-벤젠계에 대한 투과속도와 용해도 파라메타 사이의 관계

  • Rhim, Ji-Won (Dept. of Chem. Eng., Harmam Univ., Daedeok-Gu, Ojung-Dong 133, Daejeon 300-791, Korea)
  • Published : 1993.12.01


It is well known that the membrane permeation in pervaporation is governed by both the chemical nature of the membrane material and the physical structure of the membrane and also the separation can be achieved by differences in either solubility, size or shape. The solubility of the penerrant in the polymeric membrane can be described qualitively by applying the Hildebrand relation [1] which relates the energy of mixing of the penerrant and the polymer material. Froehling et al. have tried to predict the swelling behavior of polymers for the systems of polyvinylchloride(PVC)-toluene-methanol, PVC-trichloroethylene-nitromethane and PVC-n-butylacetate-nitromethane[2]. The former two systems which do not show the donor/acceptor interactions upon mixing showed the successful results[2]. In addition to this technique, there are several other possible approaches to predict the swelling behaviors of polymers, such as the surface thermodynamic approach[3, 4], the comparison of the membrane polarity with the solvent polarity in terms of Dimroth's solvent polarity value[5].



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