A Study on the Interchange of Korean and Chinese Tea Culture


  • Published : 1993.12.01


(1) According to the history of three kingdoms, tea was introduced to Korea at the period of Korea at the period of Sun-Duck Queen of Shilla dynasty, and Dae-Ryeom Kim, the emissary, brought tea seeds from Tang China in 828, and sowed them on Mt. Jiri by the order of the King Heung-Duck, Shila. In 1885, The Chosun government took action in transplant 6000 each of tea of tea seeding from Ch'ing. (2) Transmission of schools As for the type of tea through the history of Korea, it could be characterized as cake-tea in the three kingdoms period, lump-tea in Koryo dynasty and leaf-tea in Chosun dynasty. Those were affected by Chinese tea culture. (3) Transfer of tea and tea utensils Kokuryo and Shilla had to import cake-tea from tang China, and Koryo had to import lump-tea from Sung China, and Chosun had to import leaf-tea from ch'ing China. On the other hand, to export various tea to Khitai, Chin, Yuan, and Chosun had to export tea Ch'ing China. And the tea bowl produced in the Sung such as Chien Chou ware and Chi Chou ware, was also introduced to Koryo. (4) Suggestion for the promation of tea industry The Chosun government were adviced to the exchange of Chosun tea for Chosun tea for China horse, by yang Ho, General to the Ming expeditionary forces in Chosun, and were advised to engage in foreign tea trade, by Lee Hong Jyand, minister of commerce for the nothern sea to the Ching.