Transition to Parenthood II : Couples' Dyadic Adjustment Change across the Transition to Parenthood

부모기로의 전이에 관한 연구II : - 부모기로의 전이에 따른 부부 결혼적응의 변화 -

  • 고선주 (서울대학교 소비자·아동학과)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate Couple's dyadic Adjustment Change across the transition to parenthood. Change in marital adjustment following the birth of the first child was examined in a longitudinal study of 62 couples. The couples completed a series of questionnaires during pregnancy as well as at three months postpartum. The major findings were as follows. 1) The marital adjustment declined significantly over time. Especially, for wives, the transition to parenthood had a negative effect on postpartum marital adjustment. 2) The transition of wives differed from that of husbands. 3) The result of a single regression indicated that, for wives and husbands, the pregnancy marital adjustment had an effect on postpartum marital adjustment. 4) The influence of variables that had an effect on pregnancy marital adjustment changed in the postpartum marital adjustment.