The Classification of Tool Wear States Using Pattern Recognition Technique

패턴인식기법을 이용한 공구마멸상태의 분류

  • Published : 1993.07.31


Pattern recognition technique using fuzzy c-means algorithm and multilayer perceptron was applied to classify tool wear states in turning. The tool wear states were categorized into the three regions 'Initial', 'Normal', 'Severe' wear. The root mean square(RMS) value of acoustic emission(AE) and current signal was used for the classification of tool wear states. The simulation results showed that a fuzzy c-means algorithm was better than the conventional pattern recognition techniques for classifying ambiguous informations. And normalized RMS signal can provide good results for classifying tool wear. In addition, a fuzzy c-means algorithm(success rate for tool wear classification : 87%) is more efficient than the multilayer perceptron(success rate for tool wear classification : 70%).