A Review on the Role and Functions of the Village Health Worker

마을건강원 역할 및 업무내용에 관한 고찰

  • 이명숙 (대한산업보건협회 본부) ;
  • 한명화 (동우전문대학 간호과) ;
  • 이금련 (수원여자전문대학 간호과)
  • Published : 1993.03.01


The objective of this study is to review the role and function of the village health worker in the wake of the recent social changes in Korea. The stud}' also aimed at' elucidating' the characteristics of the village health worker organizations developed through community participation in this country. The study methods employed were: a review of literature and other existing information related to VHW's activities ; the use of Questionnaire and interview with VHW's on their activities in one selected county in 1992. The major findings obtained are as follows: 1. So far the community health care activities have been carried out by medical colleges, foreign aid agencies and religious organizations with a view to improving health care for the population in rural area. 2. The VHWs employed by the local community health services received remuneratiorin cash or in kind. However, presently no remuneration is paid to VHWs employed by the government village health projects. The training for VHWs is organized by County Health Center once a year for 1-2days regardless of pre-employment or refresher. 3. The needs of care for maternal and child health and family planning has been decline due to the decrease of the target population, but on the other hand, the needs of care by VHW for prevention of infectious diseases, health of the aging, management of geriatric diseases, prevention of poisoning of pesticides and environmental sanitation has beer increased. 4. It was felt strongly that the training for VHWs should be strengthened by means of developing a problem-solving oriented educational program in order to improve practical skills of VHWs.